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Lacey Rose

Executive Editor, Television

Lacey Rose is the Executive Editor, Television, for The Hollywood Reporter, where she’s written more than 100 cover stories. Her subjects have included mogul Oprah Winfrey, shock jock Howard Stern and the final days at The Wendy Williams Show. She also writes THR’s monthly Table for Two column, which centers on the power players navigating the seismic shifts in the entertainment industry, and moderates THR’s Emmy-nominated Roundtable series. A Duke University alum, Rose has earned numerous awards thanks to her coverage of the business. Prior to THR, she spent nearly a decade on staff at Forbes Magazine in her native New York.

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WME Adaptation Authorities on the IP Frenzy, a Department Shift and What’s In (and Out) in Hollywood

Hilary Zaitz Michael was Sylvie Rabineau’s first hire once her literary agency, Rabineau Wachter Sanford & Gillett, was acquired by WME eight years ago. In the years since, the two, along with partner Jill Holwager Gillett and a department that’s since expanded to 11 agents, have had a front row seat to Hollywood’s intellectual property […]

Jax Media Vet Brooke Posch Launches Comedy Venture Good&Done

Former Jax Media president Brooke Posch is unveiling her next act. With the help of UTA, which continues to rep Posch, she’s launching Good&Done, which will produce comedy across TV and film, though she hopes to do so through a different lens. As she’s done before, she will work with both established and next wave […]

Wendy Williams Doc Producers: “If We’d Known She Had Dementia, No One Would’ve Rolled a Camera”

“At a certain point,” says Where Is Wendy Williams? producer Mark Ford, “we were more worried about what would happen if we stopped filming than if we continued.” So, for the better part of a year, his cameras kept rolling, documenting the increasingly fragile state that the former talk show host had found herself in, […]

Tyler Perry Inks First-Look TV Deal at Netflix

Netflix is doubling down on its commitment to the ever-busy Tyler Perry. The streaming service announced Monday that it was adding a multi-year, first-look series deal to its ongoing partnership with Perry. The first series under the new pact is titled Beauty in Black, a 16-episode hour-long drama, written, directed and produced by the man himself. Per […]

Billy Joel’s 100th Madison Square Garden Concert to Air as CBS Special

CBS is embracing the Piano Man. Ahead the Super Bowl, the network announced it would stream Billy Joel’s 100th concert at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, April 14 at 9 pm ET/PT. The two hour special, titled The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden — The Greatest Run Of All Time, marks the first […]

UTA Signs James Ellroy, Shops His Marilyn Monroe Novel ‘The Enchanters’ (Exclusive)

James Ellroy is making a renewed Hollywood push. The L.A. Confidential author has signed with UTA, which is already taking his latest novel, The Enchanters, out to producers. The news comes on the heels of his Triple Crown year. Ellroy, whom the New Yorker recently dubbed “the neo-noir eminence of L.A. crime fiction,” is best […]

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine on Real-Life Marriage, Professional Divorce and When to Walk Away

When Donald Glover was first approached about the possibility of remaking Mr. & Mrs. Smith, he wasn’t exactly enthused. “I don’t really do remakes,” he told his buddy, an exec at New Regency, which produced the 2005 original starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as married spies. Of course, he’d never actually seen the film, just […]

Inside ‘The Chosen’ Phenomenon: “We Bristle Every Time Someone Calls This a Faith Show”

If you head out to movie theaters this weekend, you’re likely to see The Chosen on the marquee. The TV show, a historical drama based on the life of Jesus, is rolling out its fourth season theatrically, two episodes at a time, over the next month, before dropping in its entirely on apps and streaming […]

50 Reasons We (Still) Love Hollywood

Let’s not sugarcoat it — 2023 was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for Hollywood. For starters, obviously, there were the strikes, which for nearly five months turned backlots into ghost towns, costing the industry an estimated $6 billion in lost wages and other collateral economic damage. Then there were the layoffs, beginning […]

Evan Ross Katz on Fandom, Fame and the Promise of Greta Lee

Once simply a celebrity mega fan, Evan Ross Katz is now a writer, podcaster, go-to Hollywood influencer, social media star and, as The White Lotus creator Mike White christened him, the “most valuable hype man in the history of television.” On Instagram, where his bio also reads “Daddy designator” and “Sarah Michelle Gellar historian,” he has […]

Inside the Top-Secret Plan to Lure Jon Stewart Back to ‘The Daily Show’

Shortly after Trevor Noah abruptly announced he’d be leaving The Daily Show in late 2022, Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios CEO Chris McCarthy knew he needed allies. There was “a lot of pressure to just choose someone,” he told The Hollywood Reporter early last year, though he resisted naming an immediate replacement. Instead, the team, led by […]

Jon Stewart Returns to ‘The Daily Show’ as Host

Jon Stewart is back at The Daily Show. After a yearlong search for Trevor Noah’s replacement, the longtime host and Noah’s predecessor has agreed to return on Monday nights through the 2024 election. The new setup, a major coup for the show and for parent company Paramount, is set to begin Feb. 12. For the […]